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don’t ever do this..

have u ever forget your wife’s birthday?
hmm.. that’s a bad news…
have u ever read this..

Woman kills her husband for forgetting her 45th birthday

A woman killed her husband because he forgot her 45th birthday.

Lyalya Tupikova told police that her husband Khalpik failed to remember her special day before going to work in the morning.

When he returned home again from his office job, she was expecting a bunch of flowers and a present – but he brought nothing….

Even when she cooked a candlelit dinner for two, he was oblivious to her big day.

‘It was all too much for her and suddenly during the meal she seized a kitchen knife and stabbed him just above the heart,’ said a police spokesman in a village near Astrakhan in southern Russia.

This is horrible, deeply appalling incident…
We already habituated most of the eastern culture and also our religion, hope our mindset doesn’t get changed!!!

Tuesday, March 6th 2012
Happy Birthday Honey…


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No Parking Here

Is that your motorcycle?


Some People say that the Law was Made to be Broken. LoL..

Maybe like the picture beside. These are the areas where  for one or another reason, we’ve decided to tolerate lawbreaking. Especially when the law enforcement response is … nothing. So, let the law still on the book.

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This is my first post in wordpress. It’s so difficult for me. There are so many ideas appears on my mind but i can’t write anything.


I need more and more practices to be a good writer.



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